Why Most Workshops are Useless


How many workshops have you had in your life?

And how many of them do you still remember?

I know that I have had at least two dozen workshops over the course of my career. Two or three of them I (vaguely) remember.


Typically, this is why we humans love workshops:

You have the benefit of not working for a day… you take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Which is extremely valuable. You get new input from an outsider, the perspective of a trainer about a topic you are interested in. Together with peers you get to exchange thoughts on the topic and focus on the process, instead of just being productive. What’s also great is that you feel important: because your manager wants to invest in you and you don’t have to work for a day.

Does that sound familiar?


And have you ever thought about this:

Do you notice how NONE of these benefits are related to the quality of the trainer or the workshop content? All of these benefits are integral to the fact that you take a day off to zoom out. That’s it.

The reality is that 90% of workshops only offer temporary relief.

Does that mean they are a waste of money? It depends how you look at it… billion-dollar industries are built on people’s desire to feel temporary relief. Relief feels good, and so does knowing that your boss cares enough to invest in your personal development.

But what does the idealworkshop look like? The best possible investment of your talent development budget…

In other words… what should be the GOAL of any workshop or training that you send people to?

Lasting behaviour change.

Think about it… the purpose of any education is to transform you. To upgrade yourself to an improved version. Alexander 1.0 becomes Alexander 1.1. That means that Alexander’s autopilot has been reprogrammed with new responses to certain situations.

When you achieve lasting behaviour change, your return-on-investment is OFF THE CHARTS.

As soon as I realized this, I changed the setup of our workshops and coaching programs. Every Earn More Work Less (EMWL) workshop is now aimed at lasting behaviour change. To be clear: this is still a challenge, because it requires you as a participant to be:

  • Motivated to try out something new in your everyday reality
  • Disciplined to repeat that behaviour for about 21-30 days, until it becomes a new habit

Since then, our workshops have been scoring way over 9/10 on average. And better yet: we are truly changing lives.


This simple question… “what is the goal” has opened the door to a new realm of education.

From theory to practice.

From words to experiences.

From saying to doing.


What is the upgrade that you would like to give to yourself and/or your team? Which frustration are you looking to overcome? Which skill do you want to improve upon?


So whatever learning program you are contemplating to buy, think twice. Will you get lasting improvement, or just a temporary relief?


Maybe EMWL can help. Contact our team via this form and let us know which transformation you are looking to establish.


With Love and Enthusiasm,

Alexander Keehnen

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