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Why getting a wingman is the best investment one can make

by | Sep 1, 2018 | Article | 0 comments

As a business owner, your primary job is to think critically and make decisions. That’s it. Everything else you’re still doing, you should sooner or later delegate.
The better your decisions, the better your business results.

Now here’s the hard part: we live in a crazy hectic world having access to the world’s wisdom 24/7 wherever we go. Making decisions becomes more time-consuming and more energy draining.

This probably sounds familiar to you:
“Hmmm… I have to make a decision about my future. I don’t like how my business is currently operating, I want to earn more money and have more free time. Which options do I have? I could try to get more clients, hire more employees, get an assistant, add products/services to my offering, delegate more work…”

After 30 minutes of thinking about all the options you decide to Google what other people suggest you do. It gets you even more confused: so many options, endless information available and countless stories shared. So what now?

“Let’s ask my friends and family…”
Except they’re not entrepreneurs. Even the ones who are, they don’t understand your unique passion, your drive, your industry. So you keep searching for the perfect answer but somehow the satisfying feeling of having it all figured out seems to remain very far away. What now?

You procrastinate. Most likely you wait for a sign from heaven or for the situation to change itself.

What if we told you that there is a shortcut to better and faster decisions?


What if you always had somebody by your side? Your biggest fan, best friend, mentor and parent in one. Someone who has walked the same path before you. Someone with your best interest at heart. A person who is always there for you, sees your blind spots and fills them in. Someone who helps you widen your perspective and make better faster decisions. That’s what we call a wingman.

That’s what it means to have a great COACH by your side.

How come that when we are kids our parents get us a piano coach, a football coach, a dance coach, an art coach… we are surrounded by teachers and mentors our entire childhood. And once we grow up, we pretend to know it all. Why do people seem so afraid to admit that they don’t have all the answers?

“A smart person learns from his/her own mistakes.
A genius learns from other people’s mistakes.”

Presidents, speakers, worldwide influencers, football stars… they all have a coach. They all invest in themselves to achieve their best potential. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you.

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With love and enthusiasm,
Lenka and Alexander


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