What you MUST understand about your performance


Whatever work you do, your mind is your #1 most important tool.


How much effort did you put into understanding how your mind works?


Tomorrow I will be giving a workshop “How to Work Happy and Stress-Free (and outperform everyone else)” at KPN, Holland’s biggest telecom provider.


(Thank you Merel for the introduction!)


In the materials I ran across some information that I would like to share with you. Simply because it is, as Lenka would say, SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT.


Most people do not take the effort to evaluate their thoughts. They just go with whatever thought is generated in their minds. What sets apart the top 1% most successful people is they understand better than most others how to operate their minds.


Because here is the insane thing: almost every thought we have in our minds is NOT TRUE.


Every thought we have is a MAJORLY SUBJECTIVE SIMPLIFICATION of reality. The mind’s view of reality is distorted because of:

  • Filters (only 50 out of 11 million bits per second are processed consciously)
  • Predictions
  • Judgments
  • Exaggerations
  • Assumptions
  • Memories
  • Emotions


What will it mean for you, your team and your company when people learn how to properly operate their minds?



P.S. Want to understand this in more detail? I got this list of 7 blind spots from Mo Gawdat’s brilliant book “Solve for Happy”… a must read for every human being who wants to experience more happiness (= everybody).

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