This video inspired me to be a better manager


It’s weekend so I hope you zoomed out this afternoon and are ready to enjoy some recovery time.


Recovery is my favorite time of the week… when I surrender and give myself the freedom to do things my way. It’s when I decide to live in flow as much as I like. I literally stack up happy moment after happy moment.


I used to feel guilty about it, and I felt liberated when I dropped it. The cool thing is, the more you let go… the more you allow inspiration to flow through you.


Almost every weekend, I end up being super productive in some area of my life, in a way that I could never have predicted or planned on Friday.


Youtube videos like these grab my attention because they are an instant game-changer to whatever I am trying to achieve (it will do the same for you: consider it a 30-minute strategic thinking session). Jay Abraham helps you and me think differently. And thereby create more connections and better solutions.


This billionaire who was successful in over 400 unrelated industries, in this Youtube video, explains how to be the number 1 in what you do. He speaks about what Lenka has named “zooming in and zooming out”. With the questions he asks we escape our usual tunnel vision and we open our minds to see entirely new relationships. If this gives you a great insight, then let me know about it and we can explore the possibilities together.


Enjoy your weekend!


P.S. Imagine that together we can implement Jay Abraham’s methods in your team. Do you believe in happiness as a strategy? Then reply to this email and let me know your thoughts and let’s zoom in on how that will look for you in reality.

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