The ultimate support network for purpose-driven individuals


It was November 2017. We were at a large business conference in Los Angeles. Over 2000 people, some of the world’s biggest celebrities and business coaches on stage.

In that moment, a beautiful new idea was born. It was the sixth of six days and although we just met, it seemed like we had known each other for years. Together we reflected on the beauty of the event:

  • “What is an easy way to stay in touch with all these beautiful people we met on this conference?”
  • “These coaches ask thousands upon thousands of dollars for their coaching… what if we can make this knowledge available virtually for free?”
  • “The business coaches on stage recommend we hang out with millionaire mentors… where do we find them?”

One of us is a seasoned true millionaire. She said: “I have tons of successful friends and they will love to share their knowledge with the younger generations who are making the world a better place!”

That day we made a decision. We are going to unite the world’s “Top 1%”. The truly positive, purpose-driven people who seek to grow and share in their greatness. Let’s unite a million millionaires. True millionaires: purpose-driven individuals who strive for wealth, health and happiness.

Imagine what it means to have a network of positive people on whom you can always rely. People who support and encourage you. A place where you find the right person in the right moment… where you go to find solutions to whatever you desire for your business or personally.

We envisioned a one-stop shop where you:

  • receive mentorship from proven successful individuals
  • share your visions and askings and start receiving
  • market your products and services
  • find new business partners and make friends

The most valuable business asset any purpose-driven individuals can wish for.

And soon it is here: the most positive social network in the world.

Stay tuned for my next message. I will tell you exactly what this support network looks like.

In the meantime, let me know: how many positive, encouraging business friends do you currently have? How are they helping you? Leave us your comment and we’ll gladly continue the conversation.

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