The ultimate productivity tool


On 5th of June, I was in Amsterdam to present the monthly MeetUp of the Worldwide Influencer Network. I arrived 30 minutes early, and a little while later she arrived: Jasna from Serbia.


Jasna had just arrived in Amsterdam one month ago. And she is looking for a job as an IT recruiter. We chatted for a few minutes and she told me she was going to many networking events aimed at recruitment, and she wasn’t sure if the W.I.N. event was right for her.


I asked her what she needs (a job as an IT recruiter). One minute later I connected her to somebody in my network who is actually looking for an IT recruiter. She called him and even before the networking event began, Jasna got the single most important thing she wanted: an ideal job opportunity.


How amazing is that? The interaction took less than 4 minutes and we managed to get her the one thing she desired most in the world at that moment.


At that moment I realized (once again): when used smart, your network is the ultimate productivity tool.


When you:

  1. are surrounded by the right people (people who truly care and want to help);
  2. know what you want, and
  3. dare to ask

… you get things done up to 100x faster. One great idea or one introduction can save you a month of work.


I am launching a beautiful new experiment: the W.I.N. Mastermind.


I am gathering together a small group of purpose-driven entrepreneurs to meet once a week (virtually) with only one goal: to help each other grow our businesses. What makes this network unique is that only true givers are welcome. With hyper-focused facilitation we extract maximum value from every interaction.


Imagine what happens when positive, caring individuals make their knowledge and their personal network available to help you solve your biggest problem or help advance your biggest project.


Imagine the beautiful people you can meet through this network.


So, are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur?

Do you believe in the power of giving?

Do you believe that a mastermind is smarter than you individually?

Do you believe that networking helps to grow your business geometrically?


Simply contact me right now ( and send me a short note. We can get on a quick introductory call and see what the network could mean for your business and the people you serve.

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