The Power of Resource Sharing



Last week Wednesday was a big moment for me when I put together a small experiment

In the days prior, I contacted 4 experienced business owners (10+ years experience) from 4 different countries in 4 different industries. Complete strangers; the only thing they had in common is they all know me.

… and I invited them for a WIN Mastermind Roundtable Networking session.


In other words: I invited them to be vulnerable and ask for what they desire most for their business. And I invited them to share their wisdom and their network with the others – resources which took them a lifetime to accumulate.


I did not know what would happen. It was an experiment. We would simply apply the Resource Sharing format which I designed and see what would happen.

Guess what…?



All 4 participants happily put their biggest strategic question on the table. They dared to be vulnerable and in return they received world-class out-of-the-box ideas and powerful introductions.


For example, Robert from Finland has made many millions in the past and now he is on a mission… a mission to organize the world’s biggest (most impactful) sustainability forum in 2022 in Helsinki. He asked to be connected to influencers who are on the same mission.


What did he receive? The other participants were happy to introduce him to influencers in their network. Serious influencers… people with TED Talks and 100k+ followers.


That is how you really grow your impact: visualize the future, specify what you are looking for, meet like-minded people, ask for it and gladly receive.

That’s why I created WIN Mastermind.


It is all I do nowadays: find out what people need and find ways for them to get it (and design WIN Mastermind to systematize this habit so that infinite people can benefit).


Are you an entrepreneur serving a higher purpose?


Are you looking to make a significant impact in the world?


Make sure you join our Roundtable Networking event in Amsterdam on Saturday afternoon 26 October.

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