The one skill that almost nobody talks about



I hope you’re having a fun and successful week so far! If not, there’s still one day left to make up for it 🙂


I wrote this message with the purpose to make you think. About one specific behavior and what it means for your life and business if you would do more of it. A few minutes of self-reflection… if your week was disappointing so far, this may just be the turning point.


It is our purpose to educate and inspire others. When we all help each other, all of our lives improve in ways that are hard to imagine. We read a lot, go to seminars and masterminds, speak with successful and less successful entrepreneurs, try out new things, fail and reflect… and we learn a lot from it all.


Through all of that, there’s a majorly important pattern that we discovered which almost nobody talks about. It is something that comes naturally for the people who seem to have it all. While it appears to be very difficult for others.




When we were children, we asked for anything and everything we wanted. Today as adults, asking suddenly seems to be very difficult. (When I started my career I was even afraid to ask for a raise, even when I produced way more than my peers). One thing is for sure: when you want something, you must ask for it. Ask and you shall receive.


So what is it that you really want? What does your next level look like and what do you need to get there? Chances are… somebody already has what you need and you’re only one question away from getting it.


On September 12th, 2018, in Amsterdam I organised the first edition of WIN- The Worldwide Influencer Network. We’re creating a network of positive, purpose-driven people who are in it to ask for what they need and help each other get it. 


In most networking events there’s not much focus and most people end up either hanging out with people they already know, or too shy to really ask for what they want. WIN provides a more effective networking environment. Our goal: everyone leaves with at least one new valuable connection.

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