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The 7 building blocks of hyperproductivity

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Article | 0 comments

How you implement is how you succeed. When you realize this, you understand the power of being hyperproductive.

Being productive is challenging because we live in a world of overwhelm. Information is coming at us from everywhere: social media, advertisements, instant messages, apps, phone calls, partners, colleagues… There are always more things to do than we have time for.

So this is the question that almost every professional in the 21-century faces:

Do I push and run frantically to squeeze in as much work as possible on each day,
OR… do I calmly and consciously decide how to invest my time and energy, so that I optimize my outcomes?

(This may sound like an easy choice, but many people need to burn out first before they even realize that the second option exists.)

To optimize your results, first make it your goal to always work on the most important thing you could possibly be doing. The only way to make that happen is when you have:

1. a complete overview of your ideas and commitments
2. something to remind you of your true priorities, so you can consciously choose what to do first and what to say no to

Every person has to face it sooner or later, because in today’s era you don’t have a choice: you are a manager of information. And how well you do that defines how successful you’ll be. To help improve your information management skills we’ll share the 7 components that you need to have in place.

First, let’s look at some of the limitations of the miraculous device called the human brain. For example, think about the following: when you give your order for food, drink, side dish and special requirement to a waiter in a restaurant, would you rather have them write it down or do you blindly trust they’ll remember? Surely you prefer people who write down what they want to remember, because this way there’s way less risk that they forget.

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” (David Allen)

Your brain functions much like the working memory (RAM) in your laptop. Ever notice how your computer starts slowing down when you have a lot of windows open? It’s the same with our brains. The fewer windows we have open, the better it works.

It is for this reason that every person needs the habit of capturing and storing information outside of their brain. When you make a habit of writing down everything you want to remember, you empty your head. You create peace of mind and space for creativity and breakthrough ideas. This simple notion is at the foundation of our Earn More Work Less System, the most complete self-mastery system that fosters flow and hyperproductivity.

Managing your information may seem challenging at first, but in fact all you need is common sense and the habit of using these 7 components:

A roadmap with your vision, goals and values:

  1. A roadmap with your vision, goals and values
  2. A notebook for ideas and new information
  3. Standardized lists such as a to-do list and checklists
  4. A recurring activity plan
  5. Project plans
  6. An agenda
  7. An information archive

Now slowly go through the list again to understand how these categories are connected. Together they form the perfect hyperproductivity system. Sound complicated? Don’t worry. Most likely you’re already using some of them today:

  • Grocery list? Yes, that is a checklist…

  • Every Sunday evening dinner at your parents? Nice operational plan…

  • Notes on your refrigerator with To-Do’s for your next vacation trip? Your project plan…


Storing your files and photos in labelled folders on your hard-drive? Clearly an information archive!

Maybe you are very structured already, looking for the next level, to get the edge that makes you even more productive.
And maybe you… well let’s just say: you probably know that you are disorganized and that it’s time to turn this around, take control and get back in the driver’s seat.
So we’re asking you: do you have all 7 components in place? Do you have the habit of working with them continuously? Are you regularly reviewing and optimizing them? If not, work may sometimes feel like being in a hamster wheel, or as if you’re cutting trees with an unsharpened ax (or worse… with a knife).

How you invest your time defines what you’ll achieve
, so when you’re ready to invest in a productive future… we are here to support your mission. We invite you to invest 30 minutes of your time in a free coaching call. Together we’ll make a plan for increasing your productivity and that of your employees in a way that is right for you and your unique situation

.We’re looking forward to connect.


Lenka and Alexander


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