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The 6 elements of influence (implement changes faster than your competition)

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Article | 0 comments

As a business owner you know that how you change is how you succeed. In today’s world of infinite opportunities implementing changes in your company is becoming more and more complex. WHY? It’s simple: the world is moving ever faster, there are too many options to choose from and there is too much information to process. As a result, the decision-making process often takes way longer than you hoped for.

Every implemented change should result in changing a certain behavior. Often, changes are unsuccessful because team members do not know how to (or do not want to) adopt the change. When you solve this challenge, you have a major competitive edge. So let’s dig in a bit.

Inspiring change happens through influence, and who influences better than… influencers? (By “influencers” we do not mean Youtubers posting funny videos, but true leaders who inspire their followers). True influencers help create quick, profound and lasting changes. They influence people to change their behavior in order to achieve important results.*

Imagine what happens when you apply the same strategies as an influencer inside of your business. When you get off your ivory tower and make it personal. Think about what happens when you use social media to have more frequent, better, faster conversations with your teams. When you become THE influencer in your company, you’ll be able to implement changes faster than ever before. It’s easy to do and it takes little time. It’s an ultimate sign of integrity.

Now that you’re excited about becoming an influencer too, let’s have a closer look at WHY influencers are successful at inspiring change. In the book “Influencer”, the authors describe the following crucial elements:

1. Help your people love what they believe they hate

2. Help them do what they think they can’t

3. Provide encouragement

4. Provide assistance

5. Change their economy

6. Change their space

When you wish to change someone’s behavior, it doesn’t simply happen based on a signed order. You must ensure that the conditions are appropriate to your desired result.

● Are your people personally motivated to make a change?
● Are they capable of changing?
● Do others motivate them to change?
● Do others make it possible for them to change?
● Which rewards motivate them to change?
● Does their environment enable them to change?

Use this checklist for every change you implement and you’ll see that a “YES” to all questions, fast and successful changes are realized. People love to see how you care about them, how you’re on the same mission and how that you take time to ensure that the change will be successful for all parties involved.

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How do you use the power of influencers in your company? We’d love to hear your story.

With love and enthusiasm,
Lenka and Alexander


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