Will you join Alexander’s Purpose-Driven Team?



The brand new WIN Mastermind is gaining momentum week after week, so Alexander is looking for an operations manager to join the team! You will work closely together with Alexander on WIN Mastermind’s mission.

Our mission: to establish a worldwide network of truly purpose-driven entrepreneurs, so that we all make a bigger positive impact faster (by sharing our network, knowledge and expertise).


What is WIN Mastermind?

WIN Mastermind is how Alexander fulfils his true purpose: to connect with the people who make a real difference in the world, and serve as a multiplier to scale their positive impact. You may have heard of the popular “Speeddate Networking for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs” events… these too have been inspired by the same vision:

To establish a worldwide network of pure givers, because we understand that we are all One.


Alexander has been working on this behind the scenes for about 1.5 years, and since June we are onboarding members. Our members are very enthusiastic and committed, which is a sign that a business works!

With WIN Mastermind we connect purpose-driven entrepreneurs, so that they all make a bigger impact faster. What makes our mastermind unique is 1) that all members are purpose-driven and see beyond their own egos, and 2) the quality of the facilitation: by asking the right questions, we help our members focus on where they will truly achieve the biggest impact.


Now, our priority is to deliver a world-class mastermind and to systematize our growth. This mastermind is not about the “famous influencer” who runs it, but rather a pure system which enables inspirational peers to support each other by sharing their network, knowledge and expertise.

What is the value of a good genuine, honest business friend?

Who needs expensive business coaching when you have a network of high-performance peers who genuinely care about you and your purpose?


What is expected of the Operations Manager?

You have operational experience in corporate life and a big interest in entrepreneurship. Personal development is your priority and you have made a firm decision to live on purpose. In your previous roles you have always outperformed your peers (which is visible in your performance ratings and in your employer references).

You want the freedom to do your work when you want and where you want – and you are confident that you deliver outstanding quality every time. We want to work only with positive people, true team players who want the best not just for themselves, but for the whole.


Alexander will be your personal coach. He shares his world-class expertise in operational excellence and people management, so that you grow to be a management superstar.

If our relationship turns out to be a match made in heaven, we may even choose to turn it into a business partnership over time.


Does this message resonate? Do you feel excited about what this can mean for your life and career? Or do you know somebody who will love to find out more about this? Then let’s talk 😊

Send a personal message to info@earnmoreworkless.com and we’ll take it from there!


With love and enthusiasm,




P.S. To learn more about the WIN Mastermind, please check out this 6-minute video: www.earnmoreworkless.com/winmastermind