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“As humans our pitfall is that we try to do too much on our own and we rarely ask for help. What we know to be true is that that’s the slowest way to success and fastest way to an unfulfilling life. Every single person should have a side-kick, a wingman, a coach, a mentor… someone by their side having their best interest in mind, showing their blind spots and giving fresh perspective.

The Influential Executive podcast is our way to contribute to the world and make the wisdom of world-class experts available for everyone. In our weekly episodes we interview successful leaders who share their story and hands-on tips that each one of us can implement immediately to reach our goals faster.”

Lenka and Alexander Keehnen are the founders of Earn More Work Less coaching and consulting. This husband and wife duo, personal productivity experts from the Netherlands, is still madly in love with each other and together they build their fairy tale life…

They are international speakers, entrepreneurs and coaches impacting the lives of executives all over the world.

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