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What you can expect:

Power couple Lenka and Alexander Keehnen are the founders of coaching and consulting organization Earn More Work Less. Their relationship is built on personal development and good conversations. Because it’s in depth where true value lies.

Together they interview world-class executive coaches, sales and marketing gurus, mindset coaches, health specialists and sports champions.

This is the #1 podcast for leaders who want to grow their influence. How you learn is how you succeed, and your business only grows how you grow as a person.

A fresh perspective is worth 80 IQ points. Each episode brings you a lifetime of wisdom.

Lenka and Alexander invite top influencers and performance experts for a good conversation and explore: How do these powerful people think? Which habits do they live by? What is their vision and what is their WHY?

Listen to a sample of episode 8, the interview with Scott Jeffrey – founder of CEOsage:

Influencers on the show

Wyatt McCain, master strategic intervention coach and mindset coach to Hollywood celebrities

Heidi Coker, international pole dancing champion and coach

Damien Elston, sales guru and highest grossing platform sales speaker in the world

Carlos Siqueira, “Chief Enthusiasm Officer” of Expert Advisors Alliance

Carisa Jones, metaphysicist and author. Founder of Receive Joy.

Scott Jeffrey, self-development blogger, executive coach and founder of CEO Sage

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