PART 6: Reinventing myself (crossroads in life)


Why is it so important to know your true authentic purpose?

That is the first question I ask our Discover Your Authentic Purpose workshop participants. And these are some of the answers I received:

  • “I am rediscovering myself and I hope to find additional answers in the workshop.”
  • “I am on a crossroad in my life and I hope to discover more of myself to make the right decisions.”
  • “It is time to rediscover myself. Understanding myself a little better, finding strategies that work well for me.”

They all decided to invest in themselves and their future… because they understand that the quality of their decisions defines the direction of their life.

They are on their way to create their most beautiful life for themselves.

On 3 July 2016 I made the decision to let love (never fear) guide my choices. I decided to live my most beautiful life, because I deserve it. Discovering my authentic purpose was a major piece of the puzzle. When I found out which of the 16 personality types I REALLY am, I realized that my most beautiful life consists of:

  • Having only positive people around me
  • Having tons of meaningful interactions every day
  • Experiencing many new things and growing in the process

I felt how true this is and started to rearrange my life. Thanks to this understanding I made new choices, created stronger bonds with positive friends… and I even started a brand new business (WIN Mastermind).

Today I feel more energy, more confidence and more fulfilment than ever before in my life.

10x more than I ever thought possible…

Today, you have the opportunity to enter a new era of self awareness.

My offer is still valid for 1.5 days.

In the “Discover Your Authentic Purpose” workshop I invite expert Martijn Leonard to work with your personally.

This is a scientifically validated method. This knowledge benefits you (and the people around you) for the rest of your life.

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I hope to see you soon!

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