PART 3: Register Now and Discover Your Authentic Purpose


It is time to discover your true authentic purpose.

In my previous two messages I spoke about the discovery I made… how new science gave us a method to discover what your body and mind are designed to contribute to this world.

You have greatness inside of you. Leading edge Flow Coach Martijn Leonard works with professional athletes to discover their purpose and as of today you have access to this knowledge as well.

I underwent these tests myself and discovered my true authentic purpose. Everything makes sense now. I know how I am hard-wired to make decisions, process information, interact with others… and everything has become lighter and easier. I realized this is a must when you want to live on purpose.

So I invited Martijn to co-host a 1-day workshop:

  • We’ll spend the day with you and nine other positive, purpose-driven individuals.
  • In the morning, Martijn works with you personally to establish your personality type. We make it even more fun with some exercises to test how well you know others, and of course: yourself.
  • In the afternoon we’ll do group exercises and individual exercises to understand how the 16 personality types have a totally different life experience. We’ll spend a little while outdoors as well, so that you get some movement and fresh air.
  • We end the afternoon by designing your personal Flow Compass. This is the takeaway which helps you stay on track and act in integrity with your authentic purpose.


I realized… how cool is it to spend the day with a group of amazing positive people. Let’s extend the day and enjoy this environment of positivity and encouragement for a little while longer. We bring in some food and spend the evening with great conversations, networking and maybe play some fun games. We continue until 22.00h – this is optional and you are free to leave whenever you want.

In this video I explain what to expect and how to sign up.

I prepared a super easy offer for you. Others easily charge over €1000 when they bring in an expert like Martijn. Our standard price for the workshop is €650, and now I make it even easier.

The fact that you are reading this right now, means you are part of my inner circle.

Before we offer the workshop to a larger audience, you get to join for the early bird investment of only €197 (excl. VAT).

The offer is valid for a few days, so make sure you register now.

Simply sign up by clicking the button below this video. It takes you to the registration form where you fill in your details and complete your payment.

I’m looking forward to spend the day together!

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