PART 2: How to Discover Your Authentic Purpose

Thank you for all of your comments to my previous message. It is great to see you committed to discovering your authentic purpose.
You have greatness inside of you, and the world is waiting to see it.
Remember, what makes this opportunity unique is that this is a scientific method.
Your mind fools you all the time. But your body always speaks the truth.
In our Authentic Purpose workshop we go beyond your mental programming. We ask your body directly. New science has discovered simple ways to communicate directly to your subconscious mind and find out what it loves to do. How amazing is that?
It is this simple:
Flow Coach Martijn Leonard will personally conduct about 10 coordination tests on you. So far, Martijn only worked with professional athletes. Now, this knowledge is available to you too.
This is how each coordination test works:
  1. You take a certain posture, following Martijns instructions
  2. Martijn disrupts your balance
  3. We observe how your body responds: when is it strong and when is it weak
You will undergo about 10 of these tests, so that we find out your authentic preferences on 4 dimensions:
  • Introverted – Extraverted
  • Sensing – Intuiting
  • Thinking – Feeling
  • Judging – Perceiving
Once you know your type, you know forever for what purpose your mind and body have been designed.
For example, an INFJ (introverted, intuiting, feeling, judging) is also called a Counsellor type because that’s what he/she is great at and loves doing most. An ENTJ makes a great Executive and an ISTP is happiest as a Craftsman. For each of the 16 types we have detailed scientific reports which describe their strengths and weaknesses.
To truly live your purpose you must know what you are designed to do.
To truly make an impact, leverage your strengths and team up with partners who have different strengths.
Every purpose-driven individual must have this information about themselves.
This is your opportunity to discover your authentic purpose in a fun setting with positive, purpose-driven individuals.
In 2 days I will open the registration for the Authentic Purpose workshop.
In my next message you will learn:
  • What the 1-day workshop looks like
  • Which irresistible early bird offer Martijn and I prepared for you (only available for a few days)
Which question is currently on your mind regarding your purpose in life? Send me your comment and we’ll continue the conversation.
With love and enthusiasm,

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