Part 1: A New Scientific Way to Discover Your Purpose


Last week, I wrote a message to tell you about how one simple discovery turned my life upside down. In the most positive sense of the word…
Since that day, I feel more energy, more self-confidence and more alignment than ever before in my life.
My first thought after I made this discovery was: wow… so this is who I truly am. I felt a sense of calm and peace of mind. Suddenly, the events in my life were making sense. Why I enjoyed certain activities and why I am absolutely repelled by other things.
My second thought? Everybody deserves to know this about themselves!
If it took me 11 years and over 15,000 hours of studying personal development to discover this, chances are that 99.9% of people did not yet discover this.
Are you wondering sometimes…
– Why you experience friction with certain people around you?
– Why you sometimes feel insecure and even stressed or anxious?
– What your true authentic purpose is: the reason why “the almighty creator” put you on this planet?
Make sure you stay tuned over the coming days. I will show you how to discover your authentic purpose. This is not some woo-woo workshop or a 10-session coaching program with a vague outcome, but a scientifically validated method.
Yes that is right: recent scientific discoveries have found a way to discover your hard-wired purpose.
Simply said: if you’re a screwdriver, screw screws. Do not waste time and energy hitting nails, because that’s what we have hammers for!
There are 16 types of human beings and knowing which type you are is absolutely crucial for your happiness and success.
Leading edge Flow Coach Martijn Leonard is the author of “Jouw Talent”, founder of NextTalent, coach to top level athletes and business partner of The Flow Centre.
Now, Martijn and I joined forces in our mission to help you discover your authentic purpose.
Over the next few days I’ll be sharing how this works.
You’ll learn exactly:
– how this scientific method works
– why it never fails
– which 16 types of human beings exist
– how this knowledge impacts your relationships, your health and your performance
Are you interested? Hit reply and let me know what you consider to be your purpose, here on this beautiful planet. I read every message and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
With love and enthusiasm,
P.S. Maybe you are thinking… I already know my purpose. Now I ask: do you really? Chances are this is a creation of the mind. Whatever the mind makes up can never be fully trusted, because your mind has been programmed by everything and everyone around you. Only your body speaks the real truth. In my next message I’ll explain exactly what this means.

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