E55: How to Optimize Your Return-On-Attention

(Neen James)


Our attention is the scarcest resource in the world. Every second, our subconscious mind processes 11 million bits of information, while our conscious mind processes “only” 50 bits per second.


Which part do you choose to pay attention to?


Every moment of every day, there are thousands different things we could be doing. Yet we can only focus our attention on one thing at a time. Which one thing do you choose?


Our ability to take control and manage our attention this way is probably the biggest predictor for our success in life and business.


Neen James has made attention management her core focus and she interviewed over one hundred CEOs on the topic. She speaks on stages all over the world and wrote the book titled “Folding Time”. In today’s interview, Neen shares dozens of attention management tips we can start applying today.


The fun part is… her tips focus on human connection much more than on achieving abstract targets.


Enjoy my meaningful conversation with Neen James:





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Interesting stories and strategies that came up in our conversation:

  • Tips for making a good first impression
  • Which daily strategic appointment with yourself is an absolute must
  • How “systemized thoughtfulness” can boosts all of your relationships
  • Why Nido Qubein, president of High Point University, is such an inspiration to Neen James
  • Which types of attention exist
  • How intention and attention go hand in hand
  • A powerful communication tip which Neen learned from her 5-year old daughter



TIP: How to benefit most: 1) which insight resonated? 2) how will you apply it today? 3) do it, 4) reflect and decide how you will do more of it.



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