E51: The Immense Value of a Trusted Support Network

(Dave Mammano)



Why figure out everything by yourself when you can do it together? When two or more minds come together in a spirit of harmony, something magical happens. Together we see more clearly, together we reach higher thoughts, together we find creative solutions to our biggest challenges.


When you surround yourself with true business friends, you find that they function as a “mental mirror”. What happens when you can freely express your thoughts, ideas, challenges a nd emotions to people whom you trust? You see clearly which thoughts make sense and which of your thoughts have been fooling.


The ultimate value you gain from a trusted support network: clarity and confidence. Think about it… clarity and confidence are the two most important building blocks for entrepreneurial success.


David Mammano (Dave) has discovered this superpower many years ago. Since then, he has been hosting tons of networking and masterminding events for entrepreneurs in upstate New York. Dave is the founder of the Avanti Entrepreneur Network and the Avanti Entrepreneur Show. As an event host, coach and connector he is continuously focused on the question: how can I create value for entrepreneurs by bringing them together?


Enjoy my conversation with Dave Mammano!




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Interesting stories and strategies that came up in our conversation:

  • Dave’s tips for having maximum benefit from a mastermind session
  • The beautiful new business idea which Dave is exploring (an education-based community centre)
  • What does the Italian word “avanti” mean and why is it so powerful?
  • The #1 recommendation Dave has to show up prepared for a mastermind meeting
  • The biggest lessons Dave learned from a book called “The Miracle Morning”
  • The power of “The Next Step”




TIP: How to benefit most: 1) which insight resonated? 2) how will you apply it today? 3) do it, 4) reflect and decide how you will do more of it.





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