E50: How to be More Authentic and Conscious (John Christian)



No matter how hard you push and which strategies you put to work. If it is not authentic, you only create more struggle for yourself and the people around you.


Authenticity is probably one of the least talked about success factors in life. Yet in life and in business it is everything. Authenticity breeds trust. When there’s trust, business moves 10x faster than when there’s no trust.


John Christian (now 71) has been a famous popstar. Some of his friends are mega rich and mega famous… yet often something is still lacking in their lives.


John has several masters who mentor him on how to develop his intuitive intelligence. This has set him off on a path of true authenticity and made him one of the calmest and wisest people I has the privilege of being around. I feel blessed to call John my friend and consciousness mentor. He is one of those rare diamonds who does not show off his wisdom, and instead patiently waits until the student appears and asks him the right questions.


After spending 2 transformational days together at my home, I felt compelled to share John’s wisdom with you as well… so I asked to interview him. Please open your mind and be prepared to question everything you think you know… because with this conversation John takes you on a journey that goes beyond the realm of the mind.







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Interesting stories and strategies that came up in our conversation:

  • How to be more creative
  • The one priority in self-development that most entrepreneurs are overlooking
  • The value of taking full personal responsibility
  • What we can learn from ancient wisdom from the East
  • How to recognize if you’re being authentic or subconsciously trying to buy approval
  • Why meditation is so powerful
  • The difference between our mental fantasies and what’s really going on




TIP: How to benefit most: 1) which insight resonated? 2) how will you apply it today? 3) do it, 4) reflect and decide how you will do more of it.



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