E49: Entrepreneurship Lessons from a Purpose-Driven Startup

(Simon Standaert)


So you want to be a purpose-driven entrepreneur?


Plenty of influencers, experts and gurus out there are eager to tell you what to do. “Use the magic 7-step formula and all riches will be yours!”


There’s only one challenge. We do not learn through words, we only learn through experience.


Today I spoke to Simon Standaert, who is 10 months underway in setting up a new business called JES Academy. How did he approach the launch? Which business lessons has he learned underway?


This is the real story of a real purpose-driven entrepreneur.


Enjoy our conversation with Simon!



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Interesting stories and strategies that came up in our conversation:

  • 3 Real-life business lessons that almost nobody talks about
  • How to create a top quality product or service
  • Which books have inspired Simon to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur
  • The difference between coaching youth versus adults
  • How to prioritize your projects and ideas




TIP: How to benefit most: 1) which insight resonated? 2) how will you apply it today? 3) do it, 4) reflect and decide how you will do more of it.



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