E46: The Ultimate Purpose-Driven Organization

(Alexander den Heijer, @Purposologist)



What does the ultimate purpose-driven organization look like?


The world is waking up. We are shifting from an era of individualization and personal success to an era of community, cooperation and sustainability. Companies who do not take great care of every single stakeholder will vanish over the next years and decades. Only truly purpose-driven organizations will flourish and be sustained in the long run. In today’s conversation we take a blank canvas and think about what that really means: how does that look, a truly purpose-driven organization?


I explored this question together with Alexander den Heijer, the Purposologist. For years, Alexander has been sharing his unique insights on Instagram. Currently, 102k followers are enjoying his regular snippets of wisdom. The purpose of Alexander’s work is to help people flourish by sharing insights and inspiration for personal transformation.


Alexander helps organizations flourish through his workshops and his inspirational talks. Today I had the pleasure of welcoming Alexander in my living room. What made this conversation unique is Alexander’s ability to apply ancient wisdom in today’s “real” world.


Enjoy our conversation!




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Interesting stories and strategies that came up in our conversation:

  • The most important question asked by inspirational managers
  • What Alexander learned during his multiple Vipassana retreats (=10 days in silence!)
  • What your team can learn from a musical orchestra
  • What is the definition of purpose?
  • Why psychological safety is the glue that holds all teams together
  • The characteristics of an ultimate purpose-driven organization
  • Why you want volunteers in your team


TIP: How to benefit most: 1) which insight resonated with you? 2) how can you apply it in your own team? 3) apply the insight in a small experiment, 4) reflect and decide which adjustments to make in your team’s habits and routines.




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