E44: Why “bandwidth management” is a leadership priority (Camille Preston)



Camille Preston, PhD, PCC, is a leadership expert. She understands where people are, what is happening to them, and how to be their best selves most quickly. The biggest challenge for leaders from all over the world today: how to manage the volume, variety, velocity and veracity of the things that are coming at them. How to organize and prioritize that so they focus on what is most important?

Camille has over 20 years’ experience in consulting and coaching. She is the author of Create More Flow: Igniting Peak Performance in an Overwired World and Rewired: How to Work Smarter, Live Better, and Be Purposefully Productive in an Overwired World, and a frequent guest expert on TV, radio, and blogs.

We enjoyed a beautiful conversation with Camille Preston, secret agent of love. Enjoy the interview!



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Interesting stories and strategies that came up in our conversation:

  • How to find your flow at work
  • Is work-life balance achievable?
  • The neuroscience behind “writing things down”
  • Why donuts are crucial to the learning process
  • Different ways to beat infertility
  • Why emotional intelligence is a superpower for every leader


TIP: How to benefit most: 1) which insight resonated with you? 2) how can you apply it in your own team? 3) apply the insight in a small experiment, 4) reflect and decide which adjustments to make in your team’s habits and routines.





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