E31: How to communicate with your team in today’s virtual world (Dr. Nick Morgan)



Dr. Nick Morgan is one of America’s top communication speakers, theorists and coaches. Nick has been commissioned by Fortune 50 companies to write for many CEOs and presidents. During the last election cycle, he provided expert commentary on the presidential debates for CNN.

We figured… if Dr. Nick Morgan’s work inspires CEOs and presidents, Nick will surely be an inspiration to us as well.

Dr. Nick Morgan’s new book, “Can You Hear Me?”, speaks about the difficulties of communicating in the virtual world we all spend half our time in now. He wrote this book especially for business people, who spend so much time emailing, texting, slacking, audio conferencing and video conferencing.

Imagine what great communication will do for your team and your career. Imagine what it means to win others over, to inspire others and to communicate in such a way that your colleagues understand (really understand) what you mean.



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Interesting stories and strategies that came up in our conversation:

  • What happened when Nick had an accident as was no longer able to “read emotions”?
  • 3 Ways to communicate better with millennials
  • What can you to be more charismatic?
  • What separates great speakers from the boring ones?
  • Should we use more or less emoticons in professional communication?
  • Should our body language in the office be more like Donald Trump’s or Hilary Clinton’s?
  • How to tell stories so that people are hanging by your lip


TIP: Design your own experiment:

1) remember one or two tips from the interview,

2) apply them TODAY and

3) reflect to see how it helped the situation.


Stay in touch with Dr. Nick Morgan:

  • The website of Nick’s coaching company Public Words: publicwords.com
  • Nick’s personal website: drnickmorgan.com 
  • Twitter: @drnickmorgan
  • LinkedIn: drnickmorgan
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/publicwords
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