How to Increase Your Team’s Performance FAST

(Gordon Tredgold)



Gordon Tredgold is a leadership expert, keynote speaker and consultant. Gordon is listed as Top 30 Leadership Guru by and his book “FAST” is an inspiration to every business leader.

What appealed most to us about Gordon (besides his fun stories and his two adorable cats) is how he uses operational excellence to drive strategic growth. Gordon is a 25-year veteran of leading Transformational Change for Fortune 100 companies.

In today’s interview, Gordon Tredgold shares everything he learned about how to lead your team to be happier and more productive than they have ever been.


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Some exciting topics that came up in our conversation:

  • Why the 4 principles of F.A.S.T. increase your team’s performance by 50-500%
  • What running a marathon taught Gordon about business
  • How to manage change and lead business transformation projects
  • The power of a good hug 😊
  • How to get your team to feel accountable for their work (the one magic question that works every time)
  • Why many leaders have a need for control
  • How to get 70 team members to sing for you

TIP: Choose one or two tips and implement them TODAY.


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