E26: When everything changed (Robert Janetzko)

Most people strive their entire lifetime towards a life like Robert used to have. He had it all… the money, the cars, the business. Until everything changed. Robert’s story is one of achievement, ups and downs, purpose and passion.
Robert Janetzko started his first sales company at age 19, in the indoor air cleaner niche. He gathered a sales force of over 300 (!!) people and made millions. But then he crashed and burned. He realized that sustainable business is the only kind of business worthy of doing, so he decided to find ultimate, long-lasting solutions. He recently started a venture different than anything he’s done before. It is new, innovative and potentially disruptive to the housing industry. His latest startup opens the doors to a paradigm of housing.


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Today his mission is to help people all over the world build a healthier and more sustainable “indoor ecosystem”. Our lives are led almost 100% of the time inside and 96% of our health comes from the environment in which we spend our time. How much thought do we really put into making our environment supportive to our physical health?
Experts in non-toxic buildings, futurist entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to spread the word can request to be on “The Next 100 Years” podcast, which is hosted by Robert.



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To stay informed about Robert’s venture and the important topic of the indoor ecosystem,
Facebook: www.facebook.com/robert.j.janetzko
Instagram: health_in_buildings
LinkedIn: Robert J Janetzko



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