E25: How to heal yourself and have more energy than ever (Justin Phillips)

How to heal yourself and have more energy than ever.

Justin Phillips is a fun-loving Australian who is 22-year long expert in the fields of health, biology and healing. What makes him special is that he both studied AND experienced tons of healing strategies.

His unique approach to self-healing is perfectly demonstrated by how he deals with his broken arm… 4 days prior to this interview he broke his arm in a motorcycling accident. Since that day, he already applied over a dozen (!!) different healing methods to accelerate the healing.

Justin’s obsession with health and healing started at age 18, when he got infected with Lime’s disease after a tick bite. What followed were many years of struggle and deterioration… even his nervous system started to collapse. Until one new piece of technology turned everything around. Today, Justin is alive and kicking. More energetic than ever, he travels the world and changes lives.


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Justin dedicates his life to helping people with all kinds of health challenges heal themselves. Whether you’re a health geek or you simply care about your body… this conversation opens up a world of possibilities.

Learn more about this technology: lenkaandalex.teamasea.com



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