E24: How to leave it all behind and own nothing but one suitcase (Xiu Lei)


How to leave it all behind and own nothing but one suitcase: the inspirational story of a “yoga nomad”.

Lenka is a very active individual and she never really “clicked” with yoga. “It was just way too slow.”, she said… Until she visited Bali where her yoga teacher, Xiu Lei, introduced her to the real meaning of yoga.
Xiu Lei is very inspirational and at the same time one of the most modest and humble people we know. She lives in love and simplicity, having everything her heart desires.

Years ago she made a huge change – she stopped her business, sold pretty much everything she had and became a nomad living from 1 suitcase, travelling the world.


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How is it to live a life not knowing where you will be in couple of months?

How does yoga help our modern society to deal with time pressure?

This episode will open your mind as we explore the world of the “unknown”.


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Video Link: https://youtu.be/5OrM78-Umo0

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