E22: How to Live Your Purpose (Thembi Bheka)

How to Live Your Purpose (the inspirational story of Thembi Bheka)

Thembi had the guts to step away from an abusive relationship. 17 Years ago she left Zimbabwe and arrived in Canada with only $5 in her pocket. Since then, she didn’t only build a successful real estate business… she decided to step up her game: Thembi decided to live her purpose.

Today Thembi dedicates her life to empowering women, improving relationships AND helping women in Africa. How she combined all these great causes into one thriving business is exceptional: simple and effective at the same time. With her unique view on the world and her unique approach she’s changed many lives already… and this is only the beginning.


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It’s what we all want, right? To live on purpose and do what truly fulfills you… today’s interview makes it clearer than ever: if Thembi can do it, so can you. Thembi opens up and shares which habits and beliefs have been the key to getting where she is right now.

We believe that we will see Thembi on Oprah. We believe that Thembi will go on to impact millions of people. Why are we so sure of that? You’ll find out in today’s interview.


Stay in touch with Thembi Bheka:

Stay in touch with Thembi: safari.thembibheka.com
Find Thembi on social media: Thembi Bheka


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