E21: How to be outstanding (and be a “Miracle Millionaire”) (Carisa Jones)

How to be outstanding (and be a “Miracle Millionaire”)

Carisa is the author of Ask and You Shall Receive (together with her partner Sylvie), the world’s first book with only positive words. Because, Carisa knows… words create. Being aware of your words and what you ask for are the key to creating a life of wealth, beauty and abundance, she found.

We often hear traditional business influencers speak about “pushing”, “grinding” and “hustling every day”. But what if we wouldn’t need to? What if life and business can be light and easy? This conversation dives deep into the building blocks of the universe; simultaneously you’ll find very practical advice, simple things you can do to leverage those powerful principles.

This mentoring conversation has been incredibly inspirational. Listening back to it on the plane I realized: let’s share it with you!

Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, manager or employee… you’ll want to know how to use the law of attraction for a stress-free life. How to use your heart and mind to achieve more with less effort. Let’s all open our minds and prepare for a big dose of love, positivity and pragmatism.


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Stay in touch with Carisa Jones:

Stay in touch with Carisa and Sylvie: www.receivejoy.com
Get Carisa’s book on Amazon: www.amazon.com/Ask-You-Shall-Receive-Joy/dp/0998848484


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