Welcome to the “How to Work Stress-Free” Masterclass

A Simple System For Overloaded Professionals

Take Control Of Your Time, Get The Recognition You Deserve

AND Be There For Your Family!

Lesson # 1 Video:

We live in a world of overwhelm and stress. Stress is not only unhealthy, it is also damaging to the quality of your work and even worse… your relationships. We’ll take you by the hand and step-by-step guide you to managing your busy life and finally having more time for your family, friends and hobbies.

This is an interactive class with videos, exercises and brand new materials. To get started simply download your worksheets, take out pen and paper and prepare to do some deep self-reflection.


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Lesson # 2 Video:

Managing your busy life is all about having a great system: the 5 lists that will forever change your life and your career.

This is the scientifically proven system that makes it much easier to say “no” and define your perfect priorities. Most importantly: you’ll be able to focus more and procrastinate less, and grow your reputation as the most reliable person in your company.

We designed this interactive class with videos, exercises and brand new materials. To get started, simply download your worksheets, take out pen and paper and prepare to implement your system in your own unique personal situation.


Videography: www.uitlegmetvideo.nl

Lesson # 3 Video:

In lesson 3 we share the top life strategies to:
– stay balanced
– “switch off” in the evenings
– be more present when you are with your loved ones
– unlock your inner genius
– be more strategic

You’ll get much more done with much less time. This one hour alone has been life-changing for many of our students.


Videography: www.uitlegmetvideo.nl


Q: Can I do this course even when I don’t have any time and my agenda is completely full with commitments?

A: If this is your situation, following this course is more urgent than ever. Our bonus lesson: “How to do this course, even when you have no time” takes you by the hand to not only make time for the course, but take control of all your commitment. This hyper-focused lesson guides you through the 6 proven steps to gaining back control. In less than one hour you are more on track than you’ve ever been.

Q: Can I start this program at any moment?

A: No, we are currently open for registration and then we start working with this cohort of students. The current offer will probably never be available again and it may take up to 6-12 months until we accept new students into our programs.

Q: Does this methodology work for everybody? Because my situation is different.

A: We tested this methodology with clients from over 8 different countries and they all got amazing results, regardless of age, gender, nationality or industry. The methodology is based on how the human body and mind process information… these principles are pretty much universal for all humans.

Q: Does this program work for me when I’m simply not a structured person?

A: Alexander and Lenka aren’t structured people by nature. They are both people persons (their DISC behavioural style is both High I) and they have learned to use structure to create the freedom and security they desired. Also students in the past have shown that anybody can learn this.

Q: Do I need any special skills or talents to apply the “How to Work Stress-Free” methodology?

A: The only skills you need is the ability to understand the English language. We even have a student who is deaf and blind… he uses a braille transcriber to translate the course materials to braille, and is very content to use the methodology to manage his busy life.

Q: I am a bit older already and I have grown so used to my current ways of working. Can I still learn new habits?

A: Scientific research in neuroplasticity has shown that the brain is always capable of making new connections. This has been confirmed by some of our students who are 50+ years of age. They thanked us, and said: “I’ve been waiting for over 30 years for this system!”

Q: Does this also work for financial companies who are active in a fast-paced environment, for example the financial markets? Isn’t stress a given in such an environment?

A: We don’t have students who are active in the financial markets, but we expect that especially in such a setting you will achieve great results. The “How to Work Stress-Free” system works like steroid on your mind (but healthy). It makes it easier to process a lot of information, to focus and to prioritize. The faster the pace of the environment, the more you need this ability.

Case Studies

Barbara (Belgium) was working for a fast-paced consulting company and she was planning a wedding. She had many plates to keep spinning! The “How to Work Stress-Free” course showed her how to juggle all of these things and focus more. Even better: she built a reliable reputation in her job.

Kit is from London, UK and he’s the regional sales manager of a Fortune-500 company. Kit is very driven and gives 100% for his job, but he found that the stress was getting the best of him. He found out that a few simple yet smart habits have drastically improved the quality of his life.

Sofie (the Netherlands) is the owner of a lunchroom and a theatre where disabled people get the chance to integrate. She often felt overwhelmed and felt as if she didn’t get anything done. After learning the “How to Work Stress-Free” method, she feels so much more relaxed and in control.

Carolyne (South Africa) is the CEO and founder of The NGO Whisperer. One year ago she was working for an NGO herself, until she decided to take the leap and start her own business. Today, one year later she has a thriving business that is active all over the world. In this video, Carolyne explains how the “How to Work Stress-Free” method has been critical to both her personal growth and her business growth.

Ronald is 24 years old and lives in Denmark and works as a transportation planner. He was close to a burnout in the past, but with our “How to Work Stress-Free” group coaching program he became the number 1 of his team. Within a few months after joining the program, Ronald got rewarded with a bonus, a €1000/month salary raise, a promotion and a ticket to the company’s leadership development program.

Mikel (the Netherlands) is a therapist who was recovering from a burnout. He found mindfulness and meditation very useful, but still it was hard to find the time to actually do it in. Mikel found that the “How to Work Stress-Free” program supported him to actually DO those important things.

Jimmy (United States) is an entrepreneur and her performs shows as a hypnotist. The course has gotten him more on track than he’s ever been… he’s gotten more productive and became much more positive.

Simon (Belgium) is a youth coach. Simon wanted to organize his life and found that, in contrary to most courses, the “How to Work Stress-Free” program actually takes you by the hand to truly implement new habits. For Simon, the results were outstanding: increased well-being, better work-life balance, he exercises more, has more time with his family, he gets more done at work and contributes more to his colleagues.

Jonas (Belgium) is a financial consultant and he uses our system to keep track of all his commitments. He never misses a deadline and always has an overview of everything that’s going on.

Gareth (UK) is an entrepreneur, building a business in leadership development. Gareth’s life is fairly hectic while setting up a new business and having a baby underway. The stress-free system has exceeded his expectations because it helps him access all the information exactly when he needs it. He feels much more productive and especially likes how Alexander and Lenka held his hand throughout the process. “I wish more people I knew worked with this system, because they’d probably be a lot easier to work with.”

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