“How to define your vision, purpose and talents”

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This 1-hour training will forever change the way you view life and business. We recorded a chat we had during lunch on a Friday afternoon. It is so valuable that we decided to make a short, sweet, powerful training out of it 🙂

How do you earn more and work less? How do you create the life you wished for when you were young? What makes your life a success?

Master Coach Lenka Keehnen helps define your vision, your purpose and your talents.

GOAL: get clearer on your Vision, Purpose and Talents. Because this makes any life decision much easier.

HOW: print the attached worksheet and follow the instructions. Defining the vision for your life and business is an ongoing process – today you will make a big first step. Enjoy!

TIP: download the audio file on to your phone so you can listen to it over and over. In traffic, public transport or in the gym.

Why do you need a vision?

Why do you need a vision?

Your vision defines in which direction you want your life or business to be going. Without a vision you live in reaction, your environment controls your destiny and so you will never reach the life of your dreams. With a clear vision it becomes easy to make decisions because every decision and every action should bring you a bit closer to your vision.

If life’s a journey, then what is your destination? Having a vision of what your life and business should be like is the first step to taking control of your destiny and starting to move in the right direction.

Who is Lenka Keehnen?

Lenka Keehnen is a well-known international speaker, coach, entrepreneur and co-founder of Earn More Work Less. She speaks for audiences as large as 1200 people and lives to inspire her clients and fans.

Lenka is an expert on millennials and decision-making who works closely with world-leading scientists to understand the science of human behavior. She is known for her honesty and straight-forward communication. Lenka speaks 5 languages fluently. 6 if you count Sarcasm 😉