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How to win “the war for talent” once and for all

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Article | 0 comments

Every business owner and CEO we talk to faces the same challenge: how do I find great employees?
Because a business is just a collection of people striving towards a common goal: to create value so they earn a living and find meaning in their lives.

With The Millennial World we give you a fresh perspective and open your mind towards new possibilities. Same globe, same people, totally different experience. In this article we show you how to create an abundance of talent in your company once and for all.

First of all, let’s once and for all get rid of the expression “war for talent”. Because a “war” implies a situation of scarcity in which everybody loses. Let’s talk about attraction instead. How does your company attract an abundance of talent?

“Man’s chief delusion is that there are causes other than his own state of consciousness.” (Bob Proctor)

In other words: you attract what you are.

When you’re looking to attract an abundance of talented, high-performing people into your company, then you must make it a priority to be the perfect company for those wonderful human beings.

STEP 1: develop the talent that’s already inside your company

Every person has infinite potential. What are you doing today to develop the talent that is already in your company? Do you know every employee’s talents, passions, values and dreams… is every employee supported in maximizing their potential?

As a business owner, you probably have one or more coaches who bring out the best in you and help you focus on what matters the most. When all sports teams have coaches. When all serious athletes have coaches… then why shouldn’t your employees?

A study from LinkedIn among 4000 professionals showed that “94% will stay at a company longer if it invests in their career”.

Think about this: is it worth spending $500 a month per employee on coaching when that makes them as little as 20% more productive? When it decreases the risk that they resign, knowing that it costs you around one annual salary to replace a person? (Hint: it’s probably the best investment you’ve ever made.)

Step 2: tell the world what it’s like inside your company

Who do you want to attract? Top performers.

Who become top performers wherever they go? Confident people with a growth mindset (if you don’t know what this means, make sure you read Carol Dweck’s studies – understanding this will change your business forever).

Where do people with a growth mindset want to work? In a place where their personal growth is a priority. Indeed, a priority (not something that is squeezed in just to tick off that personal development box).

Tell the world about what’s going on inside your company, become an authority on being an employer, tell people your backstory, explain why you do what you do and what you value in life. Your employees will be proud to promote you and get their talented friends in. Your employer brand will be that of a “garden of growth”, a beautiful place where people find meaning and fulfillment.

Step 3: be the change you wish to see

Your company only grows how you grow as a person. As a business owner, you are the ceiling of your company. Because how you spend your time, how you invest your attention, how you develop your skills… that’s how you create growth for your company, your clients, your employees and your partners.

Only when you keep growing, you create space for your talented workforce to follow in your slipstream. Because true growth happens through experience. Your employees only truly grow when you make it a habit to delegate your work and empower these wonderful people (who dedicate their life to your company).

All great success stories begin with one big decision. Right now is your moment to decide: do you explore this new path or are you too busy doing what you’ve always done? ????

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With love and enthusiasm,
Lenka and Alexander

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