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How to earn more and work less (start now)

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Article | 0 comments

Do you want to earn more and work less? And are you willing to change the way you think?

We started this blog to show you the simple changes that make everything in your life easier. The Millennial World describes the paradigm from which our new generation leaders emerge: the paradigm of awareness, courage and growth.
Our vision: this is the most valuable blog in the world. Because with this blog, we help new generation leaders navigate their way through a sea of information. We invite you to enter an infinite cycle of growth: all you need is to have an open mind and simply… take action.

By the way, here’s some good news: you do not need to work hard to earn more and work less.

What you do need however is… awareness.

Because the #1 key to earning more and working less is FOCUS.

For example, think of the high-speed train that connects Paris and Amsterdam (the TGV). It arrives in Amsterdam from Paris faster than any other train because it is focused on getting there fast. It doesn’t stop at unnecessary stations. In fact, it says “no” to 98% of them.

You may be ambitious, have a clear vision and be motivated to achieve it. And still, you may get distracted by everything that’s going on around you: instant messages, people wanting things, social media, television, advertisements, your own thoughts about what people might think of you… When small stations like these use up your attention, you are leaking energy. Because when you PAY attention to those, there’s less attention is available for the stuff that really matters.

So here’s the big question: are you a TGV or are you a slow train?

If you want to be a TGV, you must grow your awareness. You must learn to catch yourself every time you’re distracted, every time you’re not going at full speed.

Here’s what you can do to get started right now. Write down your vision, your most important goals on a sheet of paper and hang it in front of you at your desk. As you go through your days, ask yourself with every activity that you’re doing: is this helping me make a big step forward in the direction of my vision, or do I better stop for a moment, think and come up with something better?

Lenka and Alexander

P.S. Would you like to have a company full of TGVs? Read about the Ultimate Focus Program in our free digital book “How to Grow Your Business Without Everything Relying On You”.


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