How can you be so stupid?



“How can you be so stupid??”


I remember thinking this when his email arrived. I had already twice explained him what to do and yet again he seemed to have missed the point.


“I really don’t have time for this, and I will TELL HIM THAT.”


Two hours later I read his response. Quickly, my frustration was replaced with a feeling of shame. Suddenly it was getting very warm in the office. My cheeks turned red and my back was sweating. Do I see this correctly? Was it really ME that was in the wrong?


… I clearly remember this as one of my most embarrassing moments in the office.


It taught me a valuable lesson: when somebody seems extraordinarily, out-of-this-planet dumb… it is usually me who is the “dumb” one.


This is when I learned the golden rule: never send an email when you are angry.


I spent the past 11 years collecting “rules” like this one –> always with the aim of getting more done with less stress. What I realized is that there are 3 simple behaviors that EVERY HUMAN needs in today’s era of constant changes and information overload. My workshop participants call these 3 simple strategies truly LIFE-CHANGING.


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