Happy Weekly Zoom Out



I just finished writing an email to a group of Super Manager Formula participants and I realized… you probably like to receive a similar note as well 🙂


… because soon it is Friday afternoon. That means… time to close off the week.


Do you have 15-30 minutes set aside for your Weekly Zoom Out session?


Outstanding managers are known to take the time to be strategic. Even when their busy mind thinks they are “too busy” to slow down, step back and look at the bigger picture… their higher self knows that zooming out and seeing the bigger picture is EXACTLY what they need to learn, grow and get more done than anybody else.


When you Zoom Out at the end of the week you take a moment to self-reflect and ask for example:

  • What did I achieve this week?
  • What did I learn this week?
  • Which 5 Big Things will I accomplish next week?
  • In which area should I invest more of my time and attention?
  • etc…


One of my own proudest moments this week is yesterday’s workshop with the HR team of a large business. They called me because they wanted less stress, more structure, deal with organizational changes, be more productive, set better priorities, stop running all the time, plan more efficiently and always be on top of things.


Now, they have all committed to the Stress-Free Work System: they work with their new systematic to-do list and they zoom out every day. (These two simple habits change lives.) With an average score of 9.25 out of 10 I feel that it has become one of the most fun and inspirational workshops out there.


Do you also see stress (or even burn outs), lack of structure, work pressure, organizational changes, hastiness and failing projects in your organization…? The solution is right here. You are only one email away from taking back control of all that stress in your office. (My agenda is filling up quickly, so best is to act fast.)


One more thing that may interest you: Lenka and I made our appearance on one of the iTunes Top 200 podcasts this week, Donnie’s Success Champions. If you are interested in hearing our personal story: how Lenka and I met and how we started Earn More Work Less, listen to the interview right here (Donnie made us share tons of fun stories that we normally do not talk about much – it truly was a lot of fun 🙂 ).


That’s all for now, I hope you appreciate me checking in and reminding you of the Bigger Picture.


I wish you a beautiful weekend full of inspiration, relaxation and quality time.


And… a Happy Weekly Zoom Out!

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