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        The scientifically proven system that helps you focus more and procrastinate less

    Just like your computer needs a hard-drive, your mind needs an external brain information system

    Personally designed by stress and productivity expert Alexander Keehnen

    The step-by-step template which helps you take control and keep track of your busy work and life


Lenka & Alex Show You How To Get More Done With Less Time.

Lenka and Alexander Keehnen have studied stress and productivity for over a decade. Together they discovered a simple system that’s now revolutionizing the way people organize their lives. Already 2000+ people adopted their methodology and call it “truly life-changing” and “a blessing”. In this unique one-off masterclass, Lenka and Alexander share their best materials.

Join the stress-free revolution.

Alexander: “I used to be a corporate manager and I was soon overloaded.

I was working 11 hours a day and for several weeks until I said: “No more, I don’t want to live like this for 40 years.”

I started to study everything I could find on time management that’s how I developed the system and developed these new habits.

Within two months I was out of overtime as the only manager in our department and I got the best results, the highest performance ratings, the highest bonuses and I won two times the best leader award.

All of that happened 10 years ago. It got me hooked on a path of personal development. Lenka and decided to dedicate our lives to sharing everything we learn.

Five years ago I wrote a book (in Dutch) called “Get Rid of Stress in the Office” which went on to change many lives.

Together, Lenka and I keep refining our methods and today we are proud to present ‘How to Work Stress-Free’.”

Once I discovered this method, I became the only manager who didn’t need overtime, got the highest performance reviews and two more promotions. I even received two Best Leader awards 🙂

Most people see stress as a badge of honor.

And of course, it’s ridiculous.

Think working overtime is ‘cool’? That it shows commitment?

It has been proven by years of scientific research that this style of working only decreases your productivity.

Being stress-free is a necessity to do the best job that you can.

We made these highly valued templates available to you for FREE, because we believe that every professional deserves to work with no stress!

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