First Roundtable Networking for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs



As I’m writing this, I am sitting at the table with one of our WIN Mastermind members Romy. Romy is an Amsterdam-based entrepreneur who joined our alliance several months ago.

I asked Romy:

“speaking from the heart, not overthinking it… WHY did you let WIN Mastermind into your life?”

She didn’t think for a moment and let her heart speak:

“because ever since I went to one of your events, I feel surrounded by entrepreneurs who inspire me. They view things from different perspectives. I feel connected to them and I see that everybody is dealing with challenges and questions on their path. My interactions with them give me a broader vision and help me think out-of-the-box about what is possible.”

Over the past halfyear we’ve collected many more purpose-driven entrepreneurs like Romy. Both starters and entrepreneurs with 15+ years experience. They often tell me the same thing: since they found WIN Mastermind, they entered a flow of positivity and cooperation. They gained new clarity, new confidence and some even found a business partner inside the WIN community.

Everything starts with the first step: join one of our Roundtable Networking free meetups and experience the alliance for yourself.

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Enjoy this wonderful day,
Alexander Keehnen

P.S. In my next message I tell you more about my personal background… about the guy who dropped everything to start this mission of connecting all purpose-driven entrepreneurs into one powerful alliance.

You’ll read the story of how my entrepreneurial career hit rock bottom, and what happened after I made a Big Bold Decision.

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