Designing the ultimate purpose-driven support network


… did you know that besides founding WIN Mastermind, I am co-founder of a worldwide influencer network called Million True Millionaires?

This is how we designed the ultimate purpose-driven peer support network:

It was November 2017 when we made the decision to go for it: we create a million true millionaires with the help of the ultimate purpose-driven support network. Since then, we (the founding members) met on Skype every week to mastermind and do the work joyfully.

What a colourful team we form. Five people… representing the cultures of the U.S., Germany, Egypt, and the Netherlands. We are totally different, yet we have one thing in common: we all share a mindset of love and abundance. We believe that we are all one. We understand that when we all share, we all win.

It was a joy to see how each of us brings their own strengths to the table, and we all used our gifts to complete the work. Together we visualized the ultimate support network and what we created has become a beautiful mix of each of our visions:

  • “I want a social network where I can follow my business friends on their paths of making a positive impact. A network which is 100x more interesting than LinkedIn and Facebook together.”
  • “Let’s create groups so that people with a similar interest can come together.”
  • “I want to see everyone’s biggest askings so I can second them and see where I can support.”
  • “I’d love to be able to connect with new positive encouraging people easily.”
  • “Let’s make it an invite-only network so that everybody is purpose-driven and solution-oriented.”
  • “It is important that everyone can find the right mentor with the right expertise easily and connect with them in less than a minute.”
  • “It shall be affordable for everyone. This shall be one of the best investments people ever make.”

… and now it is here: the Million True Millionaires (MTM) social network!

Over 60 initial members are already engaged in the community. Rob was one of them. His immediate reaction: “It is soooo nice to find and connect with positive people who simply HAVE IT.”

We feel blessed to be part of this wonderful movement. And we are sending you this message, so that you can be a part of it.

From September 1st, the network is open. 

What will you be using the platform for? Please hit reply and send me your comment.

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