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APPLICATION FORM: W.I.N. Mastermind Free Trial Session

Congratulations on your decision to apply for a W.I.N. Mastermind Free Trial Session.
The purpose is to give you a full WIN Mastermind experience (a 1 hour virtual meeting). What you can expect:
1. Support inspirational peers on their beautiful missions
2. Connect with new business friends
3. Get energized and inspired every week
4. Connect with strategic partners
5. Get new (dream) clients
6. Improve strategic thinking
7. Learn from inspirational peers
8. Leverage each other’s network
9. Low investment (high ROI, risk-free)
Scroll down for a summary of:
– The features: what will you get
– Your next steps: how it works and what the application procedure looks like
Nice to meet you!
With love and enthusiasm,
Alexander Keehnen

What You Get:

  • Participate in a Free Trial Mastermind Call

    Join a free trial WIN Mastermind call, facilitated by me personally (until I am ready to delegate it). You join a small group of 3-6 like-minded entrepreneurs for one hour.
    3 participants (1 of them is you) get to be in the spotlight for 16 minutes. In the spotlight, they ask the group’s support on their #1 biggest problem, or on their #1 biggest project. The facilitator makes the call hyper-focused and takes note of decisions and action points.
    After the call you walk away with elevated emotions, new insights, creative solutions and possibly introductions to clients and partners who can bring your business (and mission) to the next level!

  • Preparation Support

    You have been invited by a trusted member so I consider you a true business friend right from the start. Since this is an entirely new experience for you, let’s work together on some focused preparation. This way, you benefit as much as possible from your mastermind experience.
    As soon as you apply you receive a welcome email with:
    – a link to a preparation survey
    – a link to schedule your 15-min preparation call


Testimonial #1

Alexander is able to help you ask yourself and others the right questions in order to multiply your progress and results. He points you in the right direction and supports you along the way.

Simon Standaert (BE) - May 19, 2019
Founder of JES Academy Youth Work Coaching

Testimonial #2

Alex has been a wonderful coach during the past 6 months. The group that he assembled was the perfect pairing to help me work through several big challenges I was facing in my life and business. Alex facilitated each session with an easy calmness and great aplomb in helping to determine a way forward for everyone’s goals. He designed each session to foster interactivity within the group—probing questions that required group input, knowledge sharing, and the aptly named ‘Hot Seat’, which was definitely my favorite. Alex’s guidance and the personal connections he introduced were instrumental in reshaping my thinking and reforming my framework for clarity of mind and purpose.

Bill Miranda (US) - June 6, 2019
CEO of WOK Digital

Your Next Steps:

1. Please enroll below and transfer your €100 deposit. This small fee serves as a token of your commitment.
It is returned to you afterwards (if you show up as scheduled).

2. You will immediately receive two confirmation emails: one receipt and one email with detailed instructions

3. Follow the instructions in the email (this includes completing your intake survey and scheduling your preparation call).

4. During the preparation call, we schedule your free trial session and an evaluation session soon thereafter. During the evaluation session we decide together whether a WIN Mastermind membership is right for you.

***If so, you receive the secret link where you can apply for a WIN Mastermind Membership (you will be charged less, to make up for your €100 deposit).

***If not, I refund your deposit within one week.

The attitude we expect in the WIN Mastermind calls:

What makes the W.I.N. Mastermind unique is the mindset of our members.

By applying, you commit to our 10+1 Intentions. We do not expect perfection, but we expect all members (business friends) to consciously apply the 10+1 intentions.

1. We are a network of givers, because we understand that we are all One
2. Our #1 priority is to be in a positive state of mind
3. We start every relationship on a basis of trust
4. Our purpose is to enjoy life to the fullest and serve the world with our gifts
5. We choose to focus only on the positive
6. We are highly focused and love being present in the Now
7. We appreciate every form of feedback and we take nothing personally
8. We seek to understand and encourage each other’s greatness
9. We seek alignment with the Laws of the Universe
10. We let love (not fear) guide our choices
10+1. There are no limits (except in our own thinking 😉 )

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