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APPLICATION FORM: W.I.N. Mastermind Talented Starter

Congratulations on being invited to join W.I.N. Mastermind!
With W.I.N. Mastermind you’ll never walk alone. By sharing what we know and whom we know, we help each other connect with our ideal clients, find dream business partners, get more leads, receive feedback and simply meet amazing inspirational people who are on a similar path.
To proceed with your application, please complete the below form. After completing your first payment, you receive our welcome email with detailed instructions about the application procedure.
Let’s briefly review the benefits of WIN Mastermind:
1. Share your network/skills/knowledge to support inspirational peers on their beautiful missions
2. Have access to your peers’ network/skills/knowledge to advance your own mission
3. Meet new business friends
4. Get energized and inspired every week
5. Identify strategic opportunities for your business
6. Identify and connect with Dream Partners and Dream Clients
7. Learn from each other
8. Low investment (high ROI, risk-free)
I’m looking forward to welcoming you on board!
With love and enthusiasm,

What You Get:

  • Participate in the Weekly Circles

    Every week, WIN Mastermind hosts the Open Circle and the Asking Circle in which entrepreneurs connect to support each other’s businesses.

    Ask for introductions, feedback, strategies, tools, etc… to aide whichever goal you are working on in the moment.

  • Access to the Diamond Pages

    Connect with any other member based on shared interests, askings you can fulfill or questions you’d like an expert opinion on.

    We make everybody’s contact details and background information available in our members area (the Diamond Pages). You can reach out to fellow WINners and ask for support at any time.

    Upon entering the WIN Mastermind community, you’ll also have your own profile so that other members can easily connect with you as well.

  • Access to the Knowledge Vault

    The WIN Mastermind members area also contains the Knowledge Vault. Here you’ll find high quality resources such as:
    – Recorded masterclasses
    – Recorded training calls
    – Mastermind brainstorm notes
    – External resources that were recommended by members to other members

  • Join any WIN Masterclass

    On Tuesdays, the WIN Masterclass gives one member the opportunity to share his/her expertise with the network.

    Join any masterclass to upgrade your knowledge and connect with both the teacher and the other masterclass participants.

  • Join the members Whatsapp group

    Continuously post your askings, support and encourage others, share and receive tips, best practices and resources.

  • Basic Guardian Angel support

    We call our member support staff Guardian Angels… because their purpose is to look after you.

    Once every two weeks, your Guardian Angel checks in with you proactively to to ask about your new goals and askings. The purpose is to help you make optimal use of the community in achieving those goals.

  • Receive the Weekly Newsletter

    Stay fully up-to-date with what’s new in the community.

    New members, success stories, project updates and of course: next week’s program!

  • BONUS: WIN Members Hangout

    WIN Mastermind members love to spend time together, have meaningful conversations, be in special locations, do fun activities…

    So if you are in a city where WIN Mastermind has enough members (e.g. Amsterdam), prepare to be invited to these informal gettogethers!

  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    Join WIN Mastermind and if you did not receive great value in your first month, we’ll refund you with no questions asked.


Testimonial #1

This is powerful! Go go go!

Carolyne Opinde (U.K.) - May 8, 2019

Testimonial #2

Amazing! Yes we can! Joy, truth and love… that’s it mate.

Jeroen Stolk (NL) - May 8, 2019

Testimonial #3

Alexander is able to help you ask yourself and others the right questions in order to multiply your progress and results. He points you in the right direction and supports you along the way.

Simon Standaert (BE) - May 19, 2019

Testimonial #4

Alex has been a wonderful coach during the past 6 months. The group that he assembled was the perfect pairing to help me work through several big challenges I was facing in my life and business. Alex facilitated each session with an easy calmness and great aplomb in helping to determine a way forward for everyone’s goals. He designed each session to foster interactivity within the group—probing questions that required group input, knowledge sharing, and the aptly named ‘Hot Seat’, which was definitely my favorite. Alex’s guidance and the personal connections he introduced were instrumental in reshaping my thinking and reforming my framework for clarity of mind and purpose.

Bill Miranda (US) - June 6, 2019

Your Next Steps:

1. Please enroll below and transfer your initial membership fee.
2. You will immediately receive two confirmation emails: one receipt and one welcome email with detailed instructions
3. Follow the instructions in the email, so you are all set up and you can be introduced to the WIN Mastermind community!

NOTE: regarding your payment –> this registration page only accepts credit card payments. If you prefer to set up an automated monthly bank transfer, please ask your contact person or send an email to support@winmastermind.org so we can share the relevant bank account details.

As a member, you commit to the 8 Intentions:

What makes the W.I.N. Mastermind unique is the mindset of our members.

By applying, you commit to our 8 Intentions. These are the expectations to which we can hold each other accountable. We do not expect perfection, but we enter every situation with these intentions.

1. We are a network of givers, because we understand that we are all One
2. We start every relationship on a basis of trust
3. We are solution-oriented and focus on what works
4. We are present in the Now
5. We appreciate every form of feedback and we take nothing personally
6. We seek to understand and encourage each other’s greatness
7. We let love (not fear) guide our choices
8. There are no limits (except in our own thinking 😉 )

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