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PERSONAL INVITATION: W.I.N. Mastermind Founding Member

Welcome to the Team! You have been personally invited to be a W.I.N. Mastermind Founding Member.
Thanks to your trust in me and the W.I.N. Mastermind enables, this beautiful movement will now take off (and you get an amazing deal too 😉 ). Together we unite purpose-driven entrepreneurs and demonstrate that Givers are Winners… because Teamwork Makes Our Dreams Work.
On this page you find a summary of:
– The benefits: why is this one of the best investments you will ever make
– The features: what will you get
– Several cool bonuses
So great to have you here, I am looking forward to get started!
With love and enthusiasm,


Why is this one of the best investments you’ll ever make?
1. As an entrepreneur, strategic thinking is your most important asset, because you are the captain of your ship. The problem is… you suffer from tunnel vision. That’s why they say that a fresh perspective is worth 80 IQ points. The Mastermind Group is your 400 IQ point oracle where as a group you reach the highest levels of clarity. Togethre with your peers you will spot opportunities and solutions you would otherwise never see.
2. Every great champion needs a coach. We tap into the power of peer group learning, which some studies show is even more powerful than coaching. We are in it for the relationships, not for the money… so a regular membership comes with as little as €297/month or €2970/year, This is easily 5x cheaper (!!) than hiring a business coach. As a Founding Member, you get a ridiculous deal… with an additional 49% discount. €1497 is all you need for a year long membership. That is less than €125/month or €30/session.
3. Your network equals your net worth. Inside the W.I.N. Mastermind we share our network, knowledge and expertise. Imagine having access to thousands of people you do not have access to today. Imagine what it means when your Mastermind friends happily introduce you to new partners and clients. All you have to do is ask. How many more clients will you reach? What does this mean for you financially? What does this mean for your impact?
4. Being an entrepreneur often comes with feelings of loneliness, doubt and insecurity. Do you recognize this? Let your weekly Mastermind Call be your spiritual fuel, your hour of power where the group’s positivity raises everybody’s spirits. You find energy and encouragement so that you are ready again to take on the world.
5. Finally, I guarantee a positive ROI (yes that’s right!). If you have been a committed participant and the W.I.N. Mastermind dynamics have not provided you with at least one new clients or strategic partner after one year, let me know and you get a refund. (And I will eat my shoe… 😉 )

What You Get:

  • Participate in Weekly Mastermind Calls

    Join the weekly WIN Mastermind call facilitated by me personally (until I am ready to delegate it). You join a small group of 6-8 like-minded entrepreneurs who meet weekly for one hour (groups are defined based on maturity level, geography and the preferred weekly timeslot).
    Every session, 3 participants take turn to be in the spotlight and ask the group’s support on their #1 biggest problem, or on their #1 biggest project. The facilitator makes the calls hyper-focused and takes note of decisions and action points (to reflect on the next week).
    After every call call you walk away with elevated emotions, new insights, creative solutions and possibly introductions to clients and partners who can bring your business (and mission) to the next level!
    Every 4 months, the groups are mixed and optimized so that you continue to connect with awesome new “WINners”.

  • You get access to all members

    We make everybody’s contact details and background information available to everybody inside the network.
    This way you can reach out to fellow WINners and ask for what you desire at any time. Remember, it is their purpose to help you grow, just as it is yours to help them. Just dare to ask.

  • You are mentioned on the W.I.N. Mastermind website

    To thank you for being a Founding Member, you will receive mention on our website www.win-mastermind.com. This way, future members in the decades to come know that you contributed to the earliest beginning of our movement.

  • BONUS: Discount on W.I.N. Retreats and Workshops

    We organize several events such as “Know Your Personality” and “Flow for Entrepreneurs”. I love bringing you together in one room, so I will always offer a good discount for Mastermind Members (up to 50%).

  • BONUS: Opportunity to become a W.I.N. Local Partner

    In your city: start your free monthly Worldwide Influencer Network event (use our speeddate networking format and invite local purpose-driven entrepreneurs). This is your opportunity to become a master networker in your area.

  • BONUS: Together we contribute to charity

    Every year, we donate 10% of membership fees to charitable projects of our own Mastermind Members.


Testimonial #1

This is powerful! Go go go!

Carolyne Opinde (U.K.) - May 8, 2019
CEO of The NGO Whisperer

Testimonial #2

Amazing! Yes we can! Joy, truth and love… that’s it mate.

Jeroen Stolk (NL) - May 8, 2019
Founder of Jeroen Stolk Employer Branding

Testimonial #3

Alexander is able to help you ask yourself and others the right questions in order to multiply your progress and results. He points you in the right direction and supports you along the way.

Simon Standaert - May 19, 2019
Youth Work Coach

Testimonial #4

Alex has been a wonderful coach during the past 6 months. The group that he assembled was the perfect pairing to help me work through several big challenges I was facing in my life and business. Alex facilitated each session with an easy calmness and great aplomb in helping to determine a way forward for everyone’s goals. He designed each session to foster interactivity within the group—probing questions that required group input, knowledge sharing, and the aptly named ‘Hot Seat’, which was definitely my favorite. Alex’s guidance and the personal connections he introduced were instrumental in reshaping my thinking and reforming my framework for clarity of mind and purpose.

Bill Miranda - June 6, 2019
CEO of WOK Digital

Your Next Steps:

1. Please enroll below and transfer your annual membership fee.
2. You will immediately receive two confirmation emails: one receipt and one instructions email
3. Follow the instructions in the email, this includes completing your intake survey and scheduling your intake call
4. After the intake, you receive your invite for the weekly mastermind calls

One last thing before you sign up...

What makes the W.I.N. Mastermind unique (besides the hyper-focused facilitation), is the quality of our members.

By registering you commit to our code of conduct. This way we know that we bring out the best in ourselves and each other.

1. We are a business network of givers, because we understand that we are all One
2. There are no limits (except in our own thinking)
3. We choose to focus only on the positive
4. We start every relationship on a basis of trust
5. We dare to ask
6. We are highly focused and respectful of each other’s time
7. We appreciate every form of feedback and we take nothing personally
8. We let love (not fear) guide our choices
9. Our purpose is to serve (and let go of our egos)
10. We seek alignment with the deepest truths

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