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WIN Mastermind 1-Year Membership

Welcome to the business networking group where everybody WINs. What makes this group unique is the mindset of the members: we are all growth-oriented, positive, kind and generous entrepreneurs, personally invited by me, Alexander Keehnen.
We are all on the same mission to impact lives and create a world of love, purpose and harmony. WIN Members open up their personal network to each other’s benefit. During our weekly Mastermind Calls, members present their top 3 strategic askings and the others offer relevant introductions, knowledge and information to getting the askings fulfilled.
Why do it alone when we can grow together? Welcome to the Era of Human Connection. This is the Next Generation of Networking where we leverage the power of deep trusted relationships to grow our businesses.
The world is shifting from an era of success and individuality to an era of sustainability and cooperation. Still today, 99% of entrepreneurs make the mistake of doing virtually everything by themselves. Instead, let’s put our egos aside and work together. WIN Members create synergy by leveraging each other’s unique network, knowledge and experience.
Can we count on you?
With Love and Enthusiasm,

Why Join:

  • Weekly Mastermind Call

    Join the weekly WIN Mastermind call facilitated by Alexander Keehnen. You join a small group of 6-8 entrepreneurs who meet weekly for one hour. The purpose is to help each other progress by fulfilling each other’s top 3 “askings”.
    Every 3 months, the groups are mixed and optimized so that you continue to connect with awesome new winners.

  • Risk-Free Investment

    My promise is to reimburse your membership fee if, after one year, you did not gain at least one new loyal client or strategic partner.
    (Provided you are committed to follow the process and actively support your fellow WINners)

  • Find New Clients, Partners and Team Members

    Reach out to fellow WINners and ask for what you desire. It is their purpose to help you grow, just as it is yours to help them.

  • Leverage Your Relational Capital

    Imagine what it means when two members each introduce the other to an ideal client? The lifetime value is huge. Over time, with the right questions, a solid level of trust and some healthy enthusiasm, we can make your greatest visions come true.

  • Fresh Perspective On Your Business

    You know that a fresh perspective is worth 80 IQ points. What about direct access to the lifetime of Knowledge of your peers? Six fresh perspectives each week… imagine the Creativity you find in our Mastermind.
    Being an entrepreneur you need to constantly ask for feedback… and getting it hard when your family and friends no longer “get you” and their advice often, well… sucks.
    This is your support network of like-minded positive, ambitious purposeful individuals. We encourage each other to also connect outside the mastermind calls and build meaningful supportive relationships.

  • Solve Your Biggest Problems Together

    Use the knowledge and experience of your peers to find creative solutions to your top business problems. What if creative solutions can turn a crisis into an opportunity? What if that is what the Mastermind Principle is designed to do? Welcome to the most powerful solution-generator on the planet: your growth-oriented friends 😉

  • Contact Fellow Members Anytime

    You meet your fixed group of 6-8 growth-oriented entrepreneurs weekly, and you will have access to the contact details of all other groups as well. This way, you can reach each other whenever you want.
    BONUS: Within the coming year you get access to our own social media platform (currently work in progress) where WIN Members connect to ask and support.

  • BONUS: 2x/year Private Strategy Session with Alexander (value 2x €497)

    2x per year request an hour with Alexander to analyze your biggest challenge of that moment

  • BONUS: World-Class Education

    You get access to all 40+ episodes of The Influential Executive podcast, where Alexander Keehnen interviews world-class thought leaders in business.

  • BONUS: Organize a Local WIN Meetup

    In your city: start your free monthly Worldwide Influencer Network event and become the master networker of your area.


Testimonial #1

This is powerful! Go go go!

Carolyne Opinde (U.K.) - May 8, 2019
CEO of The NGO Whisperer

Testimonial #2

Amazing! Yes we can! Joy, truth and love… that’s it mate.

Jeroen Stolk (NL) - May 8, 2019
Founder of Jeroen Stolk Employer Branding

Please Accept Our Code of Conduct:

1. We are One Team, with One Mission: to help each other grow
2. We ask for what we desire
3. We live in abundance, hence we actively share our network, knowledge and experience
4. We pay it forward
5. We aim to have a positive influence on all the lives we touch upon
6. We always choose to focus on the positive
7. We are open, honest and respectful
8. We seek love, purpose and harmony in what we do
9. We like to have fun
10. We are loving, kind, generous and compassionate

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What's Included In Your Plan?

WIN Mastermind Membership (Monthly Payments)

  • A personal invitation for the weekly WIN Mastermind Zoom calls (you’ll be assigned to a group of 6-8 entrepreneurs, with a best effort to match your maturity level and use a timeslot that fits your weekly routine).
  • Personal contact details of Alexander Keehnen for questions and support.
  • The opportunity to book a private strategy session with Alexander (2x/year).
  • Access to the WIN Membership area with contact details and background info on all members.
  • Member discount to WIN Retreats (worth one month’s membership).

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