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WIN Retreat: Flow for Entrepreneurs (2 days)

—> Your business will only grow when you grow as a person. Find your True Self and you are unstoppable.

—>Leading edge Flow Coach Martijn Leonard changed my life. Now that I understand my hard-wired personality, my preferences, my strengths and my weaknesses… life and business have become light, easy and fun. I want to share this beautiful experience with you, so invited Martijn to take you and 5 other entrepreneurs on the same journey.

—> 6 Young, positive, ambitious entrepreneurs, 2 days, in my beautiful home 30 minutes from Amsterdam.

—> After this weekend, you will never look at the world the same.

—> Sign up for the weekend of 8 June or 31 August 2019

Welcome to my place 🙂



  • 2 Days of Leading Edge Flow Coaching

    Day 1: Your Flow DNA
    Day 2: Flow Integration

    … Martijn Leonard is founder of Next Talent, Dutch representative of The Flow Center and the business partner of Susan Jackson, the world’s leading Flow scientist. Martijn has a unique combination of wisdom from business and top-level sports (he is currently the coach of ADO Den Haag under 15).

  • Personal Flow Action Plan

    The purpose of this highly personal and in-depth retreat is to:
    – Know and understand your personality type.
    – Understand Flow and how you can establish Flow in yourself, your close relationships and your company culture.
    – You walk away with a personalized action plan, suited for your unique personal situation.

    … and you’ll probably make some great new friends (potential business partners).

  • How You Benefit:

    – Leverage your natural born talents and strengths
    – Improve your relationships with clients, partners and colleagues
    – Become conscious of your unique body and mind preferences that impact you every moment of every day
    – Achieve more Flow in yourself, in your relationships and in your company
    – Recognize stress and know how to get back into a state of Flow

  • Leading Edge Science

    Over the past decade, science has greatly advanced to understand talents, stress and peak performance.
    Martijn has a waterproof method for establishing your personality type (whereas online questionnaires often give an incorrect outcome).

  • Experiential Learning

    Transformation comes through experience, so you will participate in dozens of fun exercises. You will learn who you truly are, what your unique preferences are, how you can achieve much more than you think.

  • In-Depth Questionnaires

    To prepare for the weekend retreat, you will complete 2 questionnaires that help you understand your unique strengths and your personality.

  • Fun and Friendship

    I only invite people into my home who are: open-minded, positive, ambitious and fun. Prepare to spend the weekend with amazing individuals who may become good friends and even potential business partners. Besides deep learning, there will be fun, games, nature, drinks, meaningful conversation and sharing meals.

  • Focus and Flow

    We help you define what makes this retreat a wild success for you. Throughout the retreat we make sure you get all your questions answered and you walk away with a transformational action plan.

  • Bed and Meals Included

    We will all together stay at my beautiful home close to Alkmaar.


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The retreat will be held in a safe setting. None of the personal information discussed will ever leave the room.

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