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W.I.N. Workshop: Discover Your Authentic Purpose

Congratulations on joining the Discover Your Authentic Purpose workshop! After the workshop you will understand yourself and others better than ever before. Since I discovered my own authentic purpose, I feel more peace of mind, better relationships and more self-confidence… like a weight lifted off my shoulders, I can be myself and have a clear sense of direction in life. This knowledge has been immensely valuable to me, which is why I now make it available to you too.
Knowing your type is crucial for every human being. To be fully certain that that we arrive at the correct conclusion, I invited Martijn Leonard, Holland’s #1 Flow Coach, to conduct this workshop together. Normally he works with professional athletes to optimize their performance, and now he will be working with you personally.
I promise a beautiful day full of connection, insight, fun and growth. We use new science to discover exactly which of the 16 personality types you have, what this means for the choices you make and how to design your life and business so that you leverage your strengths. Together with the other participants (also positive, purpose-driven individuals) you explore your similarities and your differences. After this workshop you have a deep understanding of the 16 personality types, and my guess is that you’ll have a lot of fun trying to figure out which type the people in your life are 😉
I’m looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!
With love and enthusiasm,

What You Get:

  • A Full-Day Workshop

    Martijn Leonard and I lead a full-day workshop. Martijn is director of The Flow Centre in Holland. He works with players and coaches of professional sports teams in football, ice skating and several other disciplines.

    – We start at 10.00am and in the morning we do physical tests to establish your personality type. You will know exactly what your (hard-wired!) preference is on each of the four dimensions:
    *Introverted – Extroverted
    *Sensing – Intuiting
    * Thinking – Feeling
    * Judging – Perceiving

    – Then, we go in-depth with self analysis (you receive your scientifically validated personality report) and group exercises to understand how different types behave differently
    – Finally you design your personalized “Flow Compass” –> your action plan for experiencing more flow at work and in your relationships.
    – Optional: as of 18.00h we provide dinner and there is the option to stay for informal networking in the evening.

    All participants are positive, purpose-driven individuals like yourself, so I expect a focused, fun and inspirational day!

  • Lunch, Dinner and Drinks

    Lunch, Dinner and Drinks are included. There is also plenty of time to connect and network with the other participants. I am excited that some of the amazing people I know will finally get to meet each other now 🙂

Workshop Dates (in 2019):

Workshop dates still open for enrollment:
– Monday 16 September
– Wednesday 6 November
– Monday 2 December

Your Next Steps:

1. Complete the form below and transfer your participation fee.
2. You will immediately receive two confirmation emails: one with instructions and one with your receipt.
3. Follow the instructions in the email (confirm your date of attendance).
4. Two weeks before the workshop, you receive a personalized link to the online assessments.

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WIN Workshop - Discover Your Personality and Find Your Flow

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