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Why Most Workshops are Useless

Why Most Workshops are Useless How many workshops have you had in your life?And how many of them do you still remember?I know that I have had at least two dozen workshops over the course of my career. Two or three of them I (vaguely) remember. Typically, this is why...

How to Stop Your Boss From Micromanaging You

How to Stop Your Boss From Micromanaging You               Do you feel like your boss is “micromanaging” you? Do you want to receive more freedom, trust and autonomy from your manager? In this article I share a simple strategy that...

The 6 things that every new team leader must learn

The Influential Executive The ultimate guide to growing your impact. Managing people is a job unlike any other. You may have been wonderful as a specialist, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be good at managing a team of specialists. Or maybe you are an amazing...

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