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In today’s world everybody is screaming for your attention, so I thought I’d use a cool headline which trumps them all 😉

Do you feel intrigued? Did the voice in your mind whisper that this article may solve all of your problems instantly right now forever? The cool thing is it would, if you would consistently apply what I am about to share (which you probably won’t, but that’s alright because it is part of being human).

I got the idea for this blog post 2 days ago, when I gave a workshop to the HR Managers of one of the country’s largest technology companies. Everybody walked out of the room with their personal Stress-Free Work System set up… and many powerful new insights.

But here’s the crazy thing…

The “powerful new insights” are typically the most basic things in this world. Not a fancy new app or technology, but simple things that were already known to the ancient Greek.

For example… the two basic human emotions: love and fear. At the core, we humans only experience two emotions. Every other emotion (hate, frustration, gratitude, enthusiasm) essentially is an expression of either love or fear. Our emotions serve as our guidance system. Really, life is designed to be simple: when something feels good, go for it. When you feel bad, patiently observe it, let it pass and shift your attention to something that you feel good about.

Why does this simple habit 100x your productivity? Because we spend most our time fixing problems we wouldn’t need to have in the first place. The reason for these problems is that we spend most of our time in a state of hurry, under the pressure of deadlines. This results in a state of stress (fear) which results in tunnel vision and a short fuse. In such a state, you make sub-optimal decisions and even worse: you damage your relationships. Use your emotions as your personal traffic light and your productivity increases 100-fold.

Simple right? And quite genius, by whoever designed this. So why don’t we all know this about ourselves as of age 5 or so?

Let’s zoom out for a moment and go over this. I asked myself five basic questions. Would your answers be the same as mine?

  • Am I a human? YES
  • Are humans emotional or a rational beings? EMOTIONAL FOR SURE
  • Do you know what your two basic emotions are? I DID NOT, UNTIL 9 YEARS AGO WHEN I HEARD TONY ROBBINS SPEAK ABOUT IT 
  • Have you spent 15+ years in school? ME, 18 YEARS
  • Did any teacher ever tell you about the two basic human emotions? NO, NEVER!

I rest my case…

The world has gone insane. Totally distracted by the urgent, hardly ever thinking about the important. 

“Too busy” to learn how to manage oneself. “Too much to do” to pay attention to how one feels.

Will the workshop participants change their lives and make their emotions their #1 priority? I highly doubt it. We humans are habitual creatures… if only one of them made the click, my life has been meaningful.

Are you an exception: do you belong to the few percent who do get it? Do you believe in the 100x power of truly and consistently managing yourself? Better yet… would you like to see what happens when your entire team starts to work in accordance with the fundamental laws of nature?

On this page you can see how I can help you right now for you personally. If you want to play it big and include your entire team, please send me an email and together we will create a 10-star experience.

With love and enthusiasm, Alexander

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