We are Lenka & Alexander Keehnen

Founders of Earn More Work Less.

Lenka is yin and Alexander is yang. Lenka’s all about energy. Alexander is very systematic. Together we live and breathe personal development.

As Speakers, Coaches and most of all… Human Beings, we help ambitious team leaders become “Super Managers”. In our corporate careers we found that team leaders are the “hidden heroes” inside large organizations. Team Leaders are caught in the middle, between board-level decisions and everyday reality on the workfloor… to deal with these challenges you need a mixture of skill, personality and most of all: a desire to learn and grow.

Our purpose is to provide world-class education to leaders so that they can live their most beautiful life and make a bigger impact. With our transformational courses “How to Work Stress-Free” and the “Super Manager Formula” we show ambitious managers step-by-step how to apply the principles of Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins in an office environment. On this page you can find many case studies from amazing people just like you.

We live and breathe these power principles to create the life of our dreams. Personal development is our passion: we love exploring every part of life, experiencing new things and connecting with new people every day. We read books, travel the world and connect with inspirational leaders. We learn from the best… and we pass on everything we learn.

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You may be thinking… why would I need a coach?

Several years ago we thought the same. Until we found that coaching is the only true shortcut to success. Traditional education focuses on theory, and a coach gets you results through real-life experiences. A coach asks you new questions, creates new connections in your mind… a coach’s only purpose is to bring out the best in you. Life is short and the sky is the limit, so personal growth is top priority.

Imagine having somebody by your side, a support network outside of your current environment. High-achieving team leaders who face the same challenges as you.

Start growing your impact right now.

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“How to Grow Your Business Without Everything Relying On You”