We are Lenka & Alexander Keehnen

Founders of executive coaching agency Earn More Work Less.

Lenka is yin and Alexander is yang. Lenka’s all about energy. Alexander is very systematic. Together we’re a power couple that lives and breathes personal development.

As International Speakers and Executive Coaches we help stressed corporate managers become influential leaders. Every person is destined for greatness, but most people never learned how to deal with today’s constant time pressure, information overload and expectations. Our purpose is to provide world-class education to leaders so that they can live their most beautiful life and make a bigger impact. With our transformational course “How to Work Stress-Free” we show people step-by-step how to apply the principles of Stephen Covey, Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins in a corporate work environment. And of course, we use these principles ourselves to create the life of our dreams (and still we grow every day). Personal development is our passion: we love exploring every part of life, experiencing new things and connecting with new people every day. We read books, travel the world and connect with inspirational leaders. We learn from the best… and we pass on everything we learn.

When you apply the principles we’ve discovered, YOU CAN AND WILL ACHIEVE ANY GOAL you set for yourself and your business.

Why do you want to grow your impact? What’s the next step for your business?

“How to Grow Your Business Without Everything Relying On You”

“When others can do it, why can’t you?”

You may be thinking… why would I need a coach?

Several years ago we thought the same. Until we found that coaching is the only true shortcut to success. Traditional education focuses on theory; a coach gets you results through real-life experiences, by focusing on your unique personal situation. A coach asks you new questions, creates new connections in your mind… a coach’s only purpose is to bring out the best in you. Life’s short and the sky is the limit, so your personal growth deserves to be a priority.

Imagine no longer being alone on your mission, imagine having somebody by your side. Having an EMWL coach by your side is like having a mentor, a best friend, a parent and your biggest fan in one. Having a great coach is like having the answers to your final exam.

The world needs more inspirational leaders.

Influential leaders who help others make better faster decisions. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, we’d love to hear about you so that we can tell the world about the great things that you’re creating. Think about…

What are you great at?

Which impact would you like to make in the world?

What is your greatest ambition in life?​


Start growing your impact right now.

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“How to Grow Your Business Without Everything Relying On You”


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